The name Quintal 7 Cores is a tribute to the bird ‘Saíra 7 Cores‘ which graciously has 7 colours in its body.

At first, we created 7 ateliers or workshops and each one had one of the 7 colours of the bird.

Currently we’ve developed many other activities besides the initial 7 ateliers, such as: music, theatre, yoga, capoeira and so on…

...and out of love, Quintal 7 Cores was born!


Our place is comfortable and spacious. At the back garden, we are lucky to have a beautiful and sheltering tree. A true privilege.

Our workshops were carefully planned, taking into consideration a wide range of age groups as well as activities that encourage creativity, motricity and concentration.

We will be pleased to show you around.

Support, coaching and motivation of each child is considered paramount for their development.

Our team is comprised of professionals who are bilingual, qualified in the areas of Pedagogy and the Arts and have great experience with children and babies.

We use a system of charging ‘per minute’, which means the client only pays for the time spent at Quintal 7 Cores

Free parking (up to 5 parking slots)

We have a coffee area with wi-fi and home made snacks, for the comfort of parents whilst waiting for their children

The workshops are included in the price p/hr, excerpt from specials courses

Lunch and refreshments for the children are courtesy of Quintal 7 Cores.


We work with a pay-per-minute system, where the charges vary according to the time spent with us. We offer a range of packages with additional discounts on packages of hours.
At holiday periods, prices are differentiated and distributed in advance.

We are open Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 6pm.

Fridays and Saturdays from 9am to 1pm.

During the week after 6pm and Saturdays after 3pm, our space is reserved for events and parties.

Bookings are recommended but not necessary

Activities and courses: check our Diary of Activities (from 1 to 2 years and 11 months olds and from 3 to 9 year olds) for more information on our daily activities.